largest bully pitbull the judge

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Our kennel not only breeds some of the largest Bully Pit Bulls on planet Earth, we pride ourselves on their HEALTH, ATHLETICISM and PHYSIQUE: Solid muscles. Thick bones. Strong backs and hindquarters. Tight necks. And the most monstrous heads and chests in the world.

But that's not the only reason why our XL Bully Pit Bulls are...


It's heart. Temperament. Whether bounding up snow-covered mountains, sun bathing, or getting a belly rub from the kids, they're some of the happiest creatures in the world.

Need a boost? Just take an XL Bully Pit Bull on a walk and watch jaws drop. No dog on the planet is such a show-stopper. We've walked down city streets with movie stars before, but the attention those celebs got doesn't compare with our studs. There's no more uplifting experience than strolling with one of these gentle giants. It'll put you on top of the world. Everyone wants to be your friend.

And talk about a security system... A criminal would have to be blind, crazy and dumb to enter your home if they see one of these through your window. Or harass you or your loved ones walking down any street in the world. There's no more formidable looking dog on the planet, yet one so eateddy bearsy-going.


No dog in history — maybe even no creature! — has ever possessed the temperament, yet beauty and strength, of the XL American Bully Pit Bull.

Call them XL or XXL or XXXXXXL...

You want the BIGGEST BULLIES...