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YES, WE SHIP SEMEN AND PUPS INTERNATIONALLY! But arranging for shipment is entirely your responsibility. There are 3 methods you can choose:

1)   The easiest, most secure and usually least expensive method: We are pleased to partner with renowned animal transporter Michael. His rates begin at several hundred dollars. He can pick up the semen or pup from us and personally transport it from us directly into your hands, no hassle, no fuss. You are responsible for contacting him, arranging a simple schedule and prompt payment for his services, after you have a contract for the stud or pup with us. His email is .

2)   You hire a third party business to do the bureaucratic paperwork which varies country to country, order blood tests, and manage the shipment. Such businesses can be found online, like USA Sires, though in our experience it is a major time-consuming hassle to deal with them.

3)   You figure out all the paperwork and bureaucratic hoops to jump through yourself. Just let us know when to send the semen and you pay for shipping.

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