Man's Best Friend

If man and wolf hadn't joined forces, likely neither of us would have survived very long. Once upon a time, humans hid in caves, terrified of larger beasts. We were far from the top of the food chain. But, as archaeologists have discovered, some dared to lure wolves close to their caves with scraps of meat and bone. They became friends. And together, they leapt to the top of the food chain. No creature on earth could challenge a team of wolves and men with spears. For over a hundred thousand years, humans have bred dogs to create the most desirable traits. And the XL American Bully Pit Bull—the ultimate gentle giant—is the final evolution of the dog.

Each XL Bully is Unique

Can you think of any other breed on earth where nearly every dog looks different? Where often by looking at a single photo you can immediately identify exactly what dog it is? The colors and structures of each Bully Pit Bull differ. It's yet another thing that makes them so special. For the first time you have the opportunity to posses a truly unique dog.

What Matters in a Bully

Some folks think head size and weight are all that matter. If that's all that you're looking for, our suggestion it to buy a St. Bernard or Caucasian Shepherd (or take a look at our Presa Canario!). Some other folks will claim that only structure matters. In that case, perhaps you want to consider a little pocket bully. But if you're looking for the ultimate package, the best in size and structure, then you've found the right place. Monstrous chests, big bones, ungodly muscles, tight necks, and so many other intangibles that you just can't measure...


Yes, our dogs have insane pedigrees, but we don't pride ourselves on past ancestors. We have yet to see anyone walking a pedigree on a leash. (Although I guess you could drag the paperwork around on a leash. And it would "sit" and "stay" pretty easily.) The proof is in the pudding.

It's a Mad World

Our dogs don't need crazy collars. They don't need to be stimulated, wrestled, or nearly strangled into poses, and then marketed from only one or two good photos. They don't need to be photographed from a flattering angle against another dog to try to make them look bigger.

Beware Photoshop

Some less legit breeders have discovered Photoshop, found ways to widen the chests of their dogs, tighten up their necks. They're taking regular dogs and making them look bully, and taking bullies and making them look like the Biggest Bullies. But here at Biggest Bullies, our pictures are not tampered with. Nor are our dog's genetics with steroids.

Love & Hate

We got into breeding Bully Pit Bulls because we love them, and the people who care for them. You'll find 90% of them are amazing people, like the kennels listed below. But unfortunately there's always some rotten apples. And when you have beasts like Red Bear and The Judge, the haters come out to play. We love it! Keep it coming. True story: We even welcomed some guys to our kennel right after it opened and they immediately proceeded to take pics where their dog was closer to the camera than Red Bear, making their dog actually look bigger than their dog was. Those pics wound up on Facebook within twenty minutes. Ditto when we took Red Bear to a Bully show and someone took  pictures of Red Bear behind our backs, trying to find a vantage that made him look smaller than he is, and ran home and posted those too. It's sad when people can't promote their own dogs, but instead try to tear down others. But you'll only find love here at Biggest Bullies, even for the haters. We wish them well, and hope they gain confidence in their own dogs, and stop coveting others.


Much love and respect to those great breeders who have given us so much encouragement, knowledge and heart: Riverside County Bullies, 107 Pitbulls, Pure Luxury Bullies, Dry County Bullies, Sumo Bear Bullies (formerly Red Lion), Unstoppable Legion Pits, Miss Lou Blue Pitbulls, Phenom Bullyz and EKG Kennels. These kennels are what make the XL American Bully Pit Bull the ultimate breed on earth. 

Call them XL or XXL or XXXXXXL...

You want the BIGGEST BULLIES...